I love writing about music, but sometimes I just want to blog about how fucking awesome Pokemon Conquest is. What do?

Tigers Jaw - “Crystal Vision”

Tigers Jaw is going on hiatus, perhaps indefinitely, and this is affecting me far more than any band break-up reasonably should. See, when I turned 18 it was hard to find any band that could impress me, particularly in the punk space. I was getting bored of three chord Ramones worship and TJ were one of the first bands to really challenge my perception of what an indie/punk/whatever band could be. Their music encouraged me to make art of my own in order to express the feelings and concepts which I couldn’t necessarily put into words. More importantly, their music has had a lasting effect on me. I still throw on their records, long after my interest in 90’s emo revival and black metal has begun to wane, and i’ll surely keep them spinning for a long time to come. Let us never forget Spirit Desire.

With that said, I wish all the members lots of luck and if anyone who follows me is going to an east coast show let me know.

Terrible Feelings - “Blank Heads”

Swedish garage rock with plenty of guitar flourishes and a noticeable surf-y guitar tone. File this under music to dance to.

I feel like such a jerk for not posting for so long, but I think it’s because i’m slowly but surely getting over Tumblr.

Anyway, if you want to see more of my writing feel free to check out http://gamingtilldisconnected.com/ where i’ll be posting news and reviews and causing all sorts of mischief. 


Dads - shit twins

You’ve been standing outside of my apartment with your mouth open wide

One of my favorite songs of the year.

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P.O.S. - “Bumper”

If you know me at all then you are probably aware that i’m in actual romantic love with P.O.S., an underground rapper who hails from Minneapolis. This is the first single from his upcoming album, “We Don’t Even Live Here”. Give it a listen and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. “Rap to skateboard to.”

Dangers - (Love Poem)

It’s so nice to wake up in the morning, all alone, and not have to tell somebody you love them, when you don’t love them anymore.

This interlude was a wonderful introduction to Richard Brautigan.

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Pride And Ego Down - “Cloud Moving Mind”

I like when a record grows on me. I like when i’m unable to grasp an album with a simple cursory listen. I like bands that make music that’s more than just a combination of obvious influences. I like this EP. 

You see, when I first gave “Cloud Moving Mind” some of my time it didn’t thrill me. All I heard was a collection of influences. Quite frankly, it sounded like many other emo/screamo bands. This was rather disappointing because I liked the bands that had clearly influenced Pride and Ego Down. Traces of I Hate Myself and Sunny Day Real Estate weave themselves throughout the songs on the EP, and at times it can be hard to listen to it without feeling a sense of deja vu, but that feeling of ‘been there, done that’ gradually faded as I gave this a few more listens. 

As I mentioned above, there are strong hints of I Hate Myself spread throughout the EP. Most of the songs build from quiet strumming to a chaotic cacophony, much like other aggressive bands of this sort, but PaED have the good sense to keep their songs short and sweet. None of the the tracks overstay their welcome, and most are over so quickly that I couldn’t resist listening to them again. This was a welcome departure from many emo bands that spend far too much time building tension. Another high point of the EP are the vocals. The singer sounds pretty damn anguished at times, and even though the lyrics are rather simplistic, he sells them through the sheer intensity of his voice. 

I’ll admit that this isn’t the perfect EP. I think these folks need to move away from their comfort zone a little bit and branch out with their music, but this is a strong debut from a band that is clearly quite talented. I recommend giving this EP a listen , especially if you’re a fan of the bands mentioned above, or more modern aggressive bands like Touche Amore and La Dispute.

You can stream and download “Cloud Moving Mind” here: http://prideandegodown.bandcamp.com/


One half of our new Island Series. This one was recorded in Iceland. It was fun as shit to do and we like how the recording came out. 

Note for anyone who heard the post-rock song we put up last week: It was this song stretched to an hour. Enjoy it either way, or not at all. Whatevs, bro. 

Get into it. That’s all.

Tom Gabel of Against Me! has come out as transgender.

Against Me! lead Tom Gabel came out as transgender in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The article states that Gabel has been privately dealing with gender dysphoria for years and will soon begin the process of transition via hormone and electrolysis treatments. Gabel eventually plans to take the name Laura Jane Grace and remain married to her wife Heather.”

I can barely express how much respect I have for her right now. I wish her all the success with future endeavors in AM! and otherwise.